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The Best Dutch Handmade Chorizos by........

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Three passionate chefs went to Italy and learnt from renowned butchers how to make the best dry-cured meats.

And they created a fantastic range of sausages by hand and wanted to inspire people to eat only ethically sourced meat.


They work exclusively with well-reared pigs: both their own pigs, raised outdoors by befriended farmers who share the same values, and organic pigs from Dutch soil.


They make all sausages by hand in the artisanal butchery in Amsterdam. The dry-cured products are hand-stuffed before they are fermented and aged slowly in special curing chambers - a craft that learnt from renowned butchers in Italy.


From Nose to tail

In the assortments, they make use of the whole of the pig. Nothing goes to waste. As well as dry-cured and fresh sausages, making coppa, pancetta, liver sausage and hotdogs. Even turn the lard into aromatic soap.

and more assortments are coming soon.

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