With the Cheese Set Friends, you've got everything you need on hand to serve up a delicious cheese board. The oak wood board provides enough room for multiple cheeses and tapas. You can cut every type of cheese down to size with the stainless steel knives. Let your guests dig in. With this set, you're ready to host a wonderful evening!

Authentic design
Your favorite cheeses will look even more delicious with this stylish set. The authentic Cheese Board Friends M is made of European oak wood. The matching knives are made of stainless steel and feature oak wood handles. Use the point of the Hard Cheese Knife Mini to break up hard to very hard cheeses. Your soft and semi-hard cheeses won't stick to the Cheese Knife Cheesy Mini due to the handy holes in the blade. Spread the most delicious spreadable cheeses, garlic butter, or tapenades with the Spreading Knife Mini. 

Will last for years
With the right care, this cheese set will last you for years. How can you ensure that that’ll be the case? It's simple! Drench the cheese board in Boska Cheese Board Oil (BFS320080) for three nights prior to the first use. After that, a monthly spray and rub will do the trick. This protects the board from splitting and from absorbing odors and stains. Wash the board and cheese knives by hand, and let the cheese board dry standing up. This way, you'll be serving the most delicious cheese boards for many years to come with the Cheese Set Friends.


Material:          Wood / Stainless steel

Type of wood: European oak

Cheese Knife Set Friends

SKU: BFS320084