Are you ready to conquer every type of cheese imaginable? With the handy Cheese Kinfe Set Mini, you definitely will be. You need different types of knives to cut different types of cheese. This set is the perfect solution, as it contains four different high quality stainless steel knives. The stylish designs are each cast out of one piece of metal.


Stainless steel Cheese Knife Set for your spread of snacks
This Cheese Knife Set is the perfect finishing touch to your happy hour. Spread a delicious herb cheese with the spreading knife. Cut through soft cheeses with one smooth movement with the cheesy knife. Cut semi-hard cheeses with the presentation knife. You can use the tip to pick up a piece of cheese and pass it to someone else. You won't have to touch it by hand. Cut hard cheeses with the Parmesan knife.


Fun to give
This set will catch everyone's eyes, because it comes in a beautiful gift box. It deserves its time in the spotlight. The Cheese Knife Set is dishwasher safe. The knives will come out of the dishwasher as good as new due to their stainless steel designs.


This product is diswasher safe and refrigerator safe.

Cheese Knife Set Mini

SKU: BFS330100