Are some friends coming over or are you creating your own happy hour? Then you need a delicious cheese board to accompany those drinks! Which cheese will you go for this time? Brie, Gouda, or blue cheese? With the Cheese Set Amigo, you've got everything you need to create a stylish presentation of those cheeses. 

Complete set
This complete set consists of a rustic beech wood Cheese Board Amigo M and three small knives. That's everything you need to create a tasty cheese board! Are you serving up Parmigiano Reggiano? You can break up all hard and very hard cheeses with the Hard Cheese Knife Mini. 

Prevents sticking to the blade
Use the other two knives to cut soft to semi-hard cheeses. The holes in the Cheese Knife Cheesy Mini prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade. Pick up a piece of cheese with the presentation tip on the Presentation Knife Mini, and serve it to one of your guests. 

Lightweight cheese knives
The handles of the small stainless steel cheese knives are hollow. This makes the knives wonderfully lightweight. After use, they can go straight into the dishwasher. However, do wash the cheese board by hand. Some warm water and dish soap will work wonders. Run a cloth over the board, and then let it dry standing up. This way, the Cheese Set Amigo will last you for years!


Product dimensions: 335 x 238 x 30 mm

Material:                     Wood / Stainless steel

Type of wood:            Beech wood

Cheese Set Amigo

SKU: BFS358204