Flammable Burner of Fondue Fuel

Easy and Safe!!!


Each Burner will last at least 5 Hours


1) Unscrew the top, place the flame regulator on top

2) Light the wick

3) Extinguish the flame with the flame regulator, let the burner cool

4) Screw on the top and save for the next use



This set of fondue burners is perfect to use with a fondue pot. Thanks to the burners, your melted cheese will stay nice and warm. These universal burners come pre-filled with a flammable gel that’s extremely safe, because the burner only works in combination with the wick included in the containers.

Thanks to the movable top you can regulate the heat and flame of the burner yourself. It’s the only burner that can be transported by airplane. That’s how you know for sure that it’s safe! The certification for this is readily available.

Doesn’t ignite without the wick
The set consists of two burners and a flame regulator. While other burners have to be filled with liquid, which you purchase separately and pour yourself, this burner comes pre-filled with fuel. The fuel containers will last at least five hours and are ready to use. The fondue burners are odorless and resealable.

Recycled material
The fondue burners are made of recycled materials. As a result, the container can be disposed of in its entirety after use to be recycled again.

Fondue Fuel Safe & Disposable ( 2 pieces per box )