• Soft, succulent creamy Champagne de Marc washed rind cheese with a firm, dense silky interior
  • Age 4 weeks +
  • Unpasteurised
  • Strength : Medium
  • Cheese that has been made since the 17th century, only gaining it’s AOC status in the early 1990’s
  • Washed twice-weekly with a mixture of brine and annatto (orange pigment taken from Annatto shrub) which gives the cheese its russet colored rind.
  • Mild and salty flavour
  • Strong Aroma
  • Pairing Suggestion: Goes well with a salad, Red Wine from Burgundy, Marc de Bourgogne or Champagne


Ingredients: Raw Cow’s Milk and Traditional Rennet


Nutrition Value per 100g

Energy Kj: 1288

Energy Kcal: 311

Protein: 17.8g

Carbohydrates: 1.4g

Sugar: 0g

Fat: 26.3g

Saturated: 19.1g

Monounsaturated Fat: 2.5g

Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.5g

Petit Langres

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